5 Ideas for a Daily Practice

There are innumerable daily practices out there. I have narrowed my list down to five that I feel I would be most likely to actual do at this point in my life.

1. Evening Prayer

I have been doing this standing in front of my altar. I light a candle to begin and either say a prayer aloud or mentally to the Goddess and God.

2. Morning Prayer

This could be done similarly to the evening prayer or even before getting out of bed. I would primarily give thanks for a new day and ask for guidance and blessings for the day.

3. Repeat Affirmations

Repeat, for example, “I am a good housekeeper,” several times over throughout the day. Eventually, it should manifest as truth.

4. Meditation

This one is tough for me, as I have monkey mind. I don’t have that much time alone to meditate, so it has to be done in spare moments. Just a minute or two a day at first will be a good start.

5. Mindful Eating

Thinking about where our food comes from is important. Who worked or sacrificed to bring me the food I’m eating?