I have felt like such a slacker these last couple weeks. Very little housework has gotten done, and I have rarely said my evening prayer like I planned to. I also feel bad that I haven’t written a post in two weeks. I’ve felt like I haven’t had anything productive or inspiring to write lately.


Currently, all our laundry baskets are full of clean laundry waiting to be put away. It’s starting to pile onto the couch now, since we have to dump it out to put in new laundry from the dryer. Don’t ask me why there are pillows in that one laundry basket; I don’t know why I put them there. There was even a set of sheets folded up in one of the baskets … from about three or four weeks ago (maybe longer).

I suppose I should take advantage of the fact that G is down for a nap right now. I could get most of this laundry folded and maybe even put away. You can probably tell by the picture that laundry is not my only problem. There is stuff all over the living room floor (all G’s). He’s getting much better at making messes as he gets older. We love him to pieces, but dang, he drives us crazy sometimes!


I will be attending a Lughnassadh ritual this afternoon. Maybe that will spur me into practicing more regularly.

Also, I am starting to feel a call from a Goddess. I’m not exactly sure which one yet (maybe Brigid), but I do feel something. I need to spend more time meditating or praying or something to help myself open up to Her call. I will explore this further and let you know what comes of it.

Well, I really aught to be getting to that laundry so that something productive gets done today. My plan is to get it taken care of and also to vacuum the floors (at least in the main areas of the apartment) and after G wakes up. I will try to write more frequently, even if it’s just a quick update. I think if I just lower my expectations of what is considered a blog post, I will write more often.

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