My Disaster of a Kitchen

The last few days have been hectic. G has been teething, and it has been impossible to get much done. I’m sure that’s just a lame excuse, but he’s been taking up all my attention when he’s awake. So when he FINALLY went down for his nap, I set to work on my kitchen. Oh, it was awful!

The dishwasher hadn’t been emptied in over a day, so I did that. Then I loaded and ran it. That alone helped a ton! (see below)

After dishes

Then I needed to hand wash a couple of things. I hate washing by hand, so the two items that I’d rather not spend time on, I left in the sink until they could go into the dishwasher. There were some random things that didn’t belong in the kitchen, like the cereal box, a book belonging to my husband (not pictured), and some straight-up garbage.

Once that was finished, I was able to wipe down the counters and sweep the floor. It looks so much better (not including the upper counter that is still a mess). And it really didn’t take that long, maybe 20 minutes or so. It’s so easy to get stuff done with G is out of the way!

Kitchen after